The   Lake   Macquarie   Woodworking   Club   (Lakewoodies)   has   been   a   vibrant   and   busy   club over   the   past   twenty   years.   The   club   was   initially   headquartered   at   the   Awaba   scout   hall which   eventually   proved   to   be   too   small   to   cater   for   the   growing   needs   and   equipment   of the   club   so   a   search   was   underway   to   find   more   suitable   premises.   this   search   was   led   by President   Graham   Boot   who   approached   the   Lake   Macquarie   City   Council    who   in   turn offered   the   use   of   the   Marmong   Point   Community   Hall   on   the   condition   that   the   club   be responsible   for   the   maintenance   and   upkeep   of   the   hall.   The   lease   was   finally   signed   and the club moved in, saws, routers and all. The   hall   needed   some   TLC   so   the   members   set   to   with   gusto   and   started   to   hammer,   saw,   sand,   paint   and   swear which bought the hall up to an acceptable standard in no time. The   club   has   not   let   the   grass   grow   under   it's   feet   since   that   time.   Each   year   the   club   members   build   hundreds   of wooden   toys   that   are   distributed   to   children   both   in   Australia   and   to   an   orphanage   in   East   Timor.   At   the   same   time we   have   purchased   a   large   number   of   woodworking   implements   that   are   used   by   the   club   members   for   these   toys   and course   their   own   personal   projects.   Some   of   our   members   do   not   have   a   workshop   at   home   so   they   use   the   club facilities   to   work   on   their   own   personal   projects.   Others   may   need   the   use   of   a   particular   piece   of   equipment   that   the club owns. All   manner   of   woodworking   interests   are   catered   to   including   furniture   making,   scrollsaw   work,      wood   carving   and Anne,   one   of   our   members   is   in   the   process   of   building   a   full   sized   Irish   Harp.   This   is   going to be an exceptional piece of work....... Stay tuned, I'll put some pictures up shortly. The   club   is   open   each   Tuesday   from   9:00   am   to   whenever   the   last   cup   of   coffee   is   drunk!     For    some    of    our    members    the    day    is    a    chance    to    chat    and    discuss    the    events    of    the day...........      the   club   has   a   library   of   Books,   VHS   tapes   and   DVDs   which   are   available   to members. All   interested   persons   are   welcome   to   come   along   to   a   Tuesday   coffee/tea   drinking   chin wag   and   timber   cutting   frenzy   to   see   how   the   club   operates.   There   is   need   to   worry   about not   fitting   in   because   the   club   is   informal   to   the   point   of   being   very   laid   back.      This   is   not   a   boys   club,   we   have   a number of women who enjoy woodworking as a hobby so gender plays no role in this club. Don't be Shy - Come along and enjoy yourself. For more information phone 02 49 545037 and ask for Peter or email me at:
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