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Xmas Get Together 2011
The    p ictures    on    the    left    show    a    number    of activities    which    include    Ann    being    rightly proud   of   the   blackboards   that   she   has   built, painted   and   as   you   can   see   in   the   first   photo, decor ated.      On   the   right   is   a   get   well   card   (?) that   we   all   signed   &   sent   off   to   Ron   Freeman who   is   not   well   and   is   in   hospital   as   I   write this. In   the   centre   row   and   the   first   two   on   the   left in    the    bottom    row    are    pix    of    the    LMWWC “Titanic”          that          later          became          the “Tinytanic”,which    is    slowly    rising    from    the sawdust.      Booty,   Les      and   Ken   are   the   main operators   on   this   project   although   most   of   the members have had some sort of input. The   other   pix   show   that   not   all   is   hard   work, as   a   matter   of   fact   hard   work   is   generally   the last thing that a casual observer will see here.
I   came   across   this   picture   when   I   was   trawling   around   the   net &   I   am   amazed   at   the   imagination   and   workmanship   that   has gone   into   these   tables................ .   I   sure   wish   that   I   had   the ability to do something as striking as this!
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Have a look at the slide show at right.  all you have to do is click on the arrow and sit back and enjoy Cool Seating
Gallery Title: Activities Photography by:  Peter Beckwith
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Serious Chat
Who didn’t finish this?
Spic & Span
What will the rest of you have?
This is good!
Preparing to cut the cake
May I help you?
Xmas Get Together 2011 Ron Freeman Spare Parts for Finger Joint Jig Toys for Children Toys and the ususal suspects
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