This is a supercool chair that is just soooo simple.
This   a   video   from   The   Wood   Whisperer showing    how    to    ma ke    a    cross    cut    sled which    is    a    must    for    every    table    saw.              This   unit   makes   cross   cutting   both   safe and simple .
There     are     no     plans     for     this fantastic    bookshelf    .        I    don’t think      th at      plans      would      be needed        anyway............        very simple and elegant..........
Here we have a wine bottle holder that really looks great and is a terrific conversation starter. Magic Bottle Holder
Making a Lighted Shadowbox This is a simple plan for a lighted shadowbox that will make any prize stand out........ I can’t get over just how simple the whole thing is to make.  - It is from:         “Woodworking for Mere Mortals”
Recycled Pallet Coffee Table
This is a truly elegant dowelling jig.
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