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This is “wheely good” according to Cash Box Ken
At left we have another jig setup this time it is designed for finger joints and can be used on your table saw or your router table........
Helena    told   me   about   this   video   and   was   good enough   to   send   me   details.      It   is   an   excellent little   video   about   a   couple   of   people   who   make wooden    toys    or    to    be    a    little    more    exact, woo den   puzzles.      How   they   do   it   is   beyond   me but    I    know    enough    about    woodworking    to appreciate   the   superb   skill   that   went   into   each and every item. I   like   the   way   that   the   lady   compared   these wooden      puzzles      with      throwaway      plastic goods. (   I   know   she   didn’t   come   right   out   with   it   but that   is   how   I   interpred   the   remarks.      I   do   hope that    I    have    not    totally    misunderstood    the message!)      Unfortunately   the   audio   isn’t   the best but I will endeavour to fix that later. Have a look and see what you think!
At right is a video showing some of the  activities being carried out at the club on Tuesday 10/4/12 The committee at the beginning is in the process of building a boat......... I’m not sure about the details of the boat but I will ask & see if I can put the details here:
Having   just   bought   a   Kreg   jig    I   thought   that   others   might   like   a   look   at   how   the   jig   operates.      So   far   I have   found   it   to   quick,   simple   and   the   joints   are very   strong.      I   suppose   that   the   only   problem   is   the large   hole   the   joint   leaves.      There   are   a   couple   of ways that you can deal with this. Buy some precut dowel plugs use   some   dowel   and   insert   into   the   hole   and cut the end off with a flush cut saw place the holes where they won’t be seen The   plastic   box   it   comes   in   is   junk   but   the   rest   of the    items    are    very    high    quality.        I    have    had    a generic   pocket   hole   jig   for   some   years   but   the   Kreg   makes everything much easier.
Cheap system from Rockler
This is a cool table.....
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